Coming in 2020!
There will be three new arrivals in 2020. One is a quirky old shepherd’s hut, while the other pair could be described as a ‘parson’s hut’ and an ‘innkeeper’s hut’.

We acquired Little Sheepwash over a year ago, but things take time at Wriggly Tin. Despite our best intentions, it was never quite ready for 2019. However, the refurbishment is now almost complete and the hut will be ready for the spring.

It’s not only shepherd’s huts that are clad in the wriggly stuff. All over Britain, you can find examples of corrugated iron chapels, cottages and other buildings. These were often built from prefabricated kits that could
be chosen from catalogues. The Romany Church pictured on the right is only a few miles from Wriggly Tin and a visit provided the inspiration for our latest projects...

St Bride’s Chapel Our very own tin tabernacle is currently under construction and will be ready for service in the spring.
St Bride’s is bigger than our shepherd’s huts and will be blessed with its own shower and loo. The perfect choice for a mini-moon!

The Wriggly Inn For our less saintly guests, we’ve also bought a pub! That’s the theme for a little tin cottage that will be serving guests in 2020. The Inn will have en suite facilities like St Bride’s, as well as two optional children’s bunks.
Above: The Romany Church at Bramdean provided the inspiration f
Little Sheepwash	Sleeps 2
Last year we came across this unusual ‘Norfolk’ shepherd’s hut and just had to have it! Built in 1898 by T F Ringer, it’s awash with period details. These include the beautiful old floorboards and graffiti carved into the interior paneling by past occupants. Norfolk folk always have to do things differently, which is why this hut has a pitched roof, rather than the more common curved style. The result is that it’s really tall inside! There’s also a huge space under the bed that can accommodate up to three dogs.

Best for...
Tall people with a pack of hounds.
The Wriggly Inn and St Bride’s have been made possible by a gra