Staying at Wriggly Tin
Our shepherd’s huts are tucked away in a secluded meadow, surrounded by ancient woodland and the rolling hills of the South Downs National Park. You can spend sunny days exploring the countryside, cooking on an open campfire or just chilling under a shady tree. If the weather’s not so hot, the huts provide a warm, dry retreat from the worst the British summer can throw at them. Because they are so snug, the shepherd’s huts are perfect for spring and autumn breaks too.

The heyday of the shepherd’s hut was the late 1800s, when they provided a simple mobile home for shepherds who had to spend long periods of time with their flock, especially during lambing. At Wriggly Tin, our huts are hand built for us by Plankbridge in Dorset, to an authentic 19th-century design. Thankfully, inside you’ll find a few improvements to make life more comfortable than it was for a shepherd in Victorian times. The huts have beautiful vintage fittings, a wood-burning stove, luxury cotton bed-linen, a fully equiped kitchen (small but perfectly formed!) and everything else you need for an relaxing and memorable holiday. Best of all, because all the huts are mobile, they can be moved around to suit their occupants’ needs. If you want peace and seclusion, we can put your hut in a quiet corner, but if you’re holidaying with friends or children, we can group two or more huts together.
What’s in  a name? ‘Wriggly Tin’ is  a slang term for corrugate
It’s camping, but not as you know it!