The wash house Forget past experiences with dribbling,  luke-wa
Living in your shepherd’s hut
Campfire cooking There’s nothing quite like spending an evening
There is no electricity at Wriggly Tin, so it’s back to basics for lighting, heating, cooking and washing – just like it was for a shepherd out lambing 100 years ago.

Cooking and heating. The heart of your shepherd’s hut is the wood-burning stove which, as well as keeping you warm at night, provides heat for cooking and hot water. It’s also great for drying wet towels! Our stoves feature a large hotplate and an oven just big enough to roast a small chicken, cook jacket potatoes or even bake fresh bread!  All the firewood you’ll need is included and when you arrive we’ll show you how to light the stove.

Lighting. Your hut is kitted out with hurricane lamps and candles, which provide a cosy, intimate atmosphere in the evenings. Don’t worry if you’ve never used a hurricane lamp before, as we’ll show you how they work. If you don’t feel confident, or have children around, we can supply you with LED lanterns as an alternative.

Hot water. It’s quite simple really. If you want hot water, you need to heat it up on the stove in the big kettle provided. You’ll quickly get into the habit of keeping a kettle on the go at all times, so there’ll always be hot water when you need it. Draw your water from the stand pipes around the site and use a traditional jug and bowl for washing. Hot water is also available in the wash hut.
Welcome to your Wriggle Room!